Anchorage Museum Alaska

A Factual Review Of The Anchorage Museum At Rasmuson Center In Anchorage – Alaska

The rich culture and heritage of Alaska is documented and preserved in the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. It is situated right at the junction of C Street and 7th Avenue of the city of Anchorage, Alaska.

The Anchorage museum was created with the collaboration of both the city’s private and public sectors. The museum strives to document Alaska’s glorious past as well as make the locals appreciate the arts. Anchorage museum also aims to provide a venue for scientific researches and studies.

In 1968, the Anchorage Museum was opened to the public in time for the commemoration of the 100 years since the acquisition of Alaska by the United States from the government of Russia. The museum’s main exhibit during its opening was composed of 60 art pieces, all of which were just borrowed from its owners just for the event. The Anchorage Museum also included 2,500 relics from the Alaska’s historical past which were also borrowed from the Historical Society of Anchorage.

Through the years Anchorage Museum has been included in the list of the most visited attractions in not just Anchorage but the whole of Alaska. It has also received great honor of being the first to get a recommendation from the prestigious Association of Museums. Another first for the Anchorage Museum was when it was designated to be the regional headquarters for the National History Arctic Study Center of the Smithsonian Institute.

The men and women behind the operations of Anchorage Museum aim to make Alaska known to the entire world and vice versa. The museum also wants to educate the people of Alaska about the culture and history of other countries from all over the world and not just that of Alaska.

At present, Anchorage Museum owns a considerable compilation of information on how Alaska has evolved through the years. The museum’s Alaska Gallery also has a wide collection of relics and documents from the events that make up Alaska’s history. They go as far back as to the period when the Russians first discovered Alaska. Also on display is a blockhouse used during the period of the Russian occupation of the territory. A blockhouse was used by the Russians as a stronghold in case of an attack from their enemies. Scenes from that period in Alaska’s history are also recreated to show visitors a clear picture of the way of life back then.

Photography as well as art pieces are also on display at Anchorage Museum in various exhibits. They gather these pieces from all over to give museum visitors a chance to view a wide spectrum of artistry. Anchorage museum is also a venue for art classes for kids and adults. To get information about these classes the museum can be contacted at (907)929-9268.

In line with the desire to reach out and educate more people about the arts and history, Anchorage Museum launched an expansion project that will be finished in the coming spring. This expansion will include a planetarium and a discovery center which will give visitors a more interactive experience while learning about science.

Anchorage Museum charges a minimal fee to the visiting public to help in the museum’s maintenance and operating expenses. Admission fee for adults is $8 and for those 65 years old and above the fee is only $7. Admission is free for kids from 2 to 17 years old but monetary donations are more than welcome.