A Guide To Performing Arts Theatres In Phoenix – Arizona

Phoenix is among the leading cities in the world when performing arts theatre is discussed. Every day there is a wide variety of drama, music, and dance that are presented in different places across the city. Phoenix has its very own local theatre groups specializing in ballet, opera, and symphony. All these performing arts theatre groups are world-class. Here are some venues where you can expect to see them perform.

Orpheus Theatre on 203 West Adams Street

Orpheus Theatre underwent a 12-year renovation effort since its erection in 1929 and it has become a frequent venue for the best in performing arts theatre. The theatre can sit around 1300 people. Visitors can enjoy the combination of historic beauty and modernity that this place provides.

Hergerger Theatre Center on 222 East Monroe

Herger Theatre is a new addition to Phoenix’s performing arts theatre scene. It was constructed in 1989 and now serves as home for the Arizona Theatre Company, Center Dance Ensemble, and Actors Theatre. It is also a frequent venue for the Theatre Collaborative, the Theatre League, and the Black Theatre Troupe.

Symphony Hall on 75 North Second Street

This theatre was erected in 1972 and is now one of the leading venues for performing arts theatre in Phoenix. The hall is a venue for the Ballet Arizona, The Phoenix Symphony, and Arizona Opera. The theatre has a greater than 2,000 seating capacity and can also serve as a venue for travelling productions. More than half a million people visit the Symphony Hall each year to watch performances.

The North Valley Play House on 13043 N. Cave Creek Rd.

The playhouse was created in 2003 from one high school drama teacher’s dream. She wanted to get the locals to build a performing arts theatre for the community. The success was beyond what anyone expected. There are local productions features and also children and teen camps. The North Valley Play House has received multiple grants for the summer performance of Shakespeare in the Park. The local productions have now found a home. There are classes for children, for adults, and even senior citizens. Local composers and playwrights are constantly featured.

Copper State Dinner Theatre on 3103 W Harmont Dr

If the concept of having dinner while enjoying performing arts theatre is interesting to you, make sure to visit Copper State Dinner Theatre. They serve four entrees costing $39.95 but there is no buffet.

Mystery Mansion Dinner Theatre on 4203 N Brown Ave # F Scottsdale

For those interested in playing murder mysteries, the Mystery Mansion is a must-see. This is definitely a fun way to enjoy performing arts theatre. You become a new person once you walk through the door. Analyze the clues and try to determine who perpetrated the crime. A three-course dinner will also be served.

Phoenix is truly a great place to visit especially to enjoy performing arts theatre. Go to anyone of the venues listed above and you will definitely have a worthwhile time spent.