Bird watching in Miami

Bird Watching In Miami And The Best Miami Places To See

If you are an amateur or veteran birder who just adores bird watching in Miami, you must be aware that the region of South Florida offers the most beautiful birds and so, you should visit the various parks of Miami for your succeeding birding adventures.  While there are some who mistakenly believe that travelers with binoculars gather in Miami to watch people, there are also a few who understand that these tourists are actually out for some bird watching in Miami. Here are just a few of the birding sites that you must not forget to check out while in Miami.

BISCAYNE BAY NATIONAL PARK – All year round, Biscayne serves as a haven or place of shelter not only for birds but the bird watchers as well. You will surely be thrilled by the experience of bird watching in Miami if it is your first time; especially that there are flocks of blue herons, the snowy egrets, brown pelicans along the bay eagerly waiting to catch its prey, white imbis snooping for some small fish as well as crabs to eat; and other several wading kinds of birds to see.

What is more, there are park rangers to assist you while bird watching in Miami; a well as in finding the finest birding sites while visiting Biscayne. Other species you will witness include the seaside sparrow, peregrine falcons, wood stork, red woodpeckers, American oystercatcher, and so many others.

– This park is actually open all year-round and is known to cover Florida’s southern crest via the counties, Dade, Collier and Monroe. It is to be found at Park Headquarters, 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead in Florida. If you worry about the park’s ubiquitous mosquitoes, it is recommended that you visit between the month of December and the middle part of April. You will definitely get excited to doing some bird watching in Miami what with its 350 species there for you to see. Even the endangered bald eagle as well as snail kites have also been found to have made Everglades their home.

GREYNOLDS PARK – While this park can be found at the Northern Miami Beach. It used to serve as a site for rock quarrying. Really, tourists find bird watching in Miami so much fun. Imagine they can actually get a closer look at the birds’ courtship activities, even the nest building, the rearing of their chicks, and many other exciting bird activities. If you are lucky enough, you will also chance upon glimpsing some cattle egrets, white ibis, blue and green herons, or even the tricolor herons, as well as several countless other bird species.