Cruising Alone

My wife has a maiden aunt who loves the idea of a cruise – the excitement of waking up in a different location every morning; the thrill of being so well looked after; the delights of getting to meet so many new friends.

But, she has a problem. And it is a huge problem that many other people also have to suffer. And that is the problem of travelling alone.

She is not afraid of cruising alone, venturing onto the ship to make new friends and so on. The problem is the costs involved of just going onto a normal cruise and taking sole occupancy of a cabin. It is not easy finding somewhere that offers it cheaply.

I suppose that for most ships, where food is self service buffets and so on, the cost to the company of one person in a twin cabin is hardly any less than what it costs them to put two people into that cabin. So the cost for a single traveller is almost double that of each member of a couple.

The alternative is being willing to share a small cabin with a total stranger. But, this is a risk. What if you do not get on? It could ruin the 2 weeks of holiday.

For these reasons it is well worth it if single travellers take the time to find those few companies that specialise in dealing with single travellers and placing them on board cruise ships. The delights of a cruise and the whole experience are really worth everyone experiencing, but the costs of just booking with the first company that you come across make it almost not worth it.

If you are a single traveller search specifically for companies dealing with singles cruises and you might get a lot more than you bargained for.