Cultural places to visit in Miami

Visitors to Miami will find that entertainment is a constant offering in this City. You can have fun by the beach and enjoy the sand and the sun. At night you can go to dance clubs, restaurants, and theatres. Miami is one of those places that is a melting pot of culture that will surely keep your stay busy.

One of the great reasons to visit this city is the Miami performing arts theatres. This article will take a look at several of them.

The first in our list of Miami performing arts theatres is the Adrienne Arscht Centre for the Performing Arts. This place is the center of theatre events in the area of Southern Florida. It used to be called the Carnival Centre for the Performing Arts. This Miami performing arts theatre features ballet shows, operas, comedy shows, Broadway shows, and many others. The Adrienne Arscht can be found on Biscayne Boulevard in the middle of 13th and 14th streets.

Our next destination in the list of Miami performing arts theatres is The Gusman Centre for the Performing Arts. This is located the very sophisticated and history-filled The Olympia Theatre. It used to be a theatre for silent movies way back in 1926. Afterwards it became the place for Vaudeville events, and when Elvis and Pavarotti gained popularity the theatre started housing MTV events. It still has the signature Moorish design that will give visitors the impression of how theatre used to be. This Miami performing arts theatre is located on 174 Flagler Street.

Next up is the Roxy Theatre Group. This Miami performing arts theatre group is composed of several artists who work non-profit. The center has a modern and “art deco” design. They have 3 dance halls and 3 theatres. There is also an old-time movie room, several rooms for recitals, and even a television recording studio. This place on 1645 SW 107th Street is truly worth visiting.

The Jackie Gleason Theatre of the Performing Arts was named after Jackie Gleason or “Ralph Cramden”. He was America’s favourite entertainer for several years. It now occupies what used to be the Miami Beach Auditorium on 1700 Washington Ave. The theatre features the Miami City Ballet, several Broadway shows on tour, and international dance groups.

The fourth on our list of Miami performing arts theatres is the Colony Theatre. This used to be a movie theatre opened by Paramount Studios in 1934. In 1976, they renovated it to accommodate live performances ranging from dances to operas, and even to children’s theatre. They also feature Broadway shows on tour. There is a restaurant for patrons who want to grab a bite to eat before and after the performances. The Colony theatre is located on 1040 Lincoln Road in South Miami Beach, very close to the Miami Convention Centre.

Finally we have the Iroko Dance and Performance Centre. This Miami performing arts theatre features dance performances and cultural dances of Cuban, Haitian, and Afro-Caribbean people. This every lively place can be found on 2100 Washington Avenue.

These are just several of the beautiful sights and sounds of Miami performing arts theatre. Be sure to visit at least one of them whenever you find yourself in the Miami area and have the time of your life.