Erawan waterfalls – the pearl of Thai jungle

Erawan waterfalls is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beauty of Thai nature is well known and Erawan waterfalls are great example about that. Just a short trip to the eponymous national park will make you forget about stress and you will probably experience the best vacation in your life.

Erawan waterfalls are named after a three-headed white elephant from the Hindu mythology and include seven cascading waterfalls. They are rising to over 1500 meters and the view is simply amazing and unbelievable. If you want to reach the top of the waterfalls you have to walk at least one hour. But it is going to be your most beautiful hour in your life. Once you see the natural beauty of the place you will love the waterfalls forever. There are many places where you can take a rest during your hiking. Many astonishing blue pools will give you the great opportunity to swim and refresh yourself in the best possible manner. The area is a little bit crowded, but if you search well you can always find your own paradise on Earth.

Erawan Waterfalls national park is really big natural oasis for many adventure seekers. It is more than 550 square meters big and there you can see many natural phenomena, not only the waterfalls. You can visit four amazing caves named Rus, Mi, Wang Bahdan and Phartat. They offer their visitors mysterious and unique limestone formations, stalagmites and stalactites. Some of these formations are really interesting and will catch your imagination faster than you think. They are also your best option after the blue pools to hide away from the wet and hot weather conditions in the Thai jungle.

About 75 % of the Erawan waterfalls national park are forests and you will be able to see many interesting animals in their natural habitat. Wild monkeys, eagles, elephants , pythons and cobras are just some of them. As you see, it can be a little bit dangerous to explore the park, so be careful and always seek advice if you do not what to do or where to go. Try to stay in group and this is going to be the safest way to see the beauty of the region.

You can easy find Erawan waterfalls once you are in Thailand. The park is situated in Kanchanaburi, the largest western province of Thailand. It is only 130 away from the capital of the country Bangkok. The waterfalls are really visited and attractive place and many tourist who spend their vacation in Thailand always find one day in their busy schedule to visit this natural beauty. The ancient ruins and the popular bridge over the River Kwai, which are located close to the park, are another reasons why the place is so famous and attract so many tourists.

Many people want to spend their vacation in the wilderness of the park. There are several bungalows which will give you this opportunity if you are one of them. You can also go camping in the park, but only in certain protected areas.