Holiday Gifts

Great Holiday Gifts For the Traveler in Your Life

Is there anything better than traveling? Yes, there is — getting someone into the world of travel as well! When you know that you can inspire someone to push forward out of their comfort zone and see the world around them, amazing things happen. Travel teaches confidence, self-reliance, and attention to detail. Yes, this is something that tends to make people a little nervous, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking about the good side of travel more than the bad side of travel. Everything in travel is pretty controllable as long as you think about it. If you only think about the downsides, you really keep yourself from seeing everything great that comes with traveling.

For a new traveler, there are just a few things that we would recommend if you want them to really get the benefits of traveling.

The first thing that we can recommend is a really good set of winter gear. You never know when the temperature will turn on your weary traveling friend, and the last thing you want them to have to go through is struggling to find the winter basics. You can also make sure that you do a summer theme as well — it just depends on when your traveler would like to move around.

If they don’t already have a passport, that’s a really nice gesture — getting them components that they need for their passport is always a good idea. You just need to make sure that you know exactly what they’re trying to accomplish. Most destinations these days require not only passports, but also visas.

Hotel chain gift cards are a fun idea, because many hotels are actually international. So even if they don’t plan to stay in the country, you never know when they’ll need a good hotel. While we’re fans of independent hotels, there comes a time where you want a typical experience across the board, no matter where you stay. The big chain hotels know that, and that’s why they’ve become so successful. After a long day on the road or on the plane, travelers know that they’re coming “home” to a very clean room.

A navigation system is a great traveling gift, especially for someone that wants to go on a good road trip. Getting lost is a strong reality for first time travelers, and it can be hard to ask for directions. As long as they have access to satellite coverage, they’ll be able to get where they need to go. Many nav systems are now portable, which means that even if they travel away from home without the car in tow, they’ll still know where they need to go.

Trying to tap into the benefits of travel can be hard enough but what about when you need a guidebook to get you going? Without getting the right guidebook, you could miss out on events that would otherwise be at the top of your list.

What can you really do about it, though? Well, the time is definitely right to start thinking about going out to the store and picking up some guidebooks. If your traveling friend already has an Amazon Kindle or a Barnes & Noble Nook, then they’re already in luck. There are plenty of low cost guides that you can gift them, making it easy for them to keep the right information handy.

Language CD’s and DVD’s are always a great treat for travel fans, because it allows them to learn the local language of where they really want to travel. The point here is that while most tourists don’t have to learn the local language to survive these days (many countries teach students English in school to stay competitive), the reality is that when you show another person that you really can speak their language a little, it goes over quite well.

Now is the perfect time to do what you can for the traveler in your life — after all, now is the holiday season! Yes, you can use these gift ideas for your own stocking, but isn’t this the season of giving? You know what to do!