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How to Handle Mistakes Made During Your Hotel Stay

Mistakes — most travelers don’t want to hear this word associated with hotels, but the reality is that hotels are run by people, and people do make mistakes. Even professionals make a few mistakes here and there. However, that’s not the point of this guide at all. The point is that when mistakes happen during your hotel stay, it can be difficult to handle them without losing your cool. Think about it — during one of your previous trips, you’ve probably seen someone completely lose their cool due to a mistake and take it out on the hotel staff.

While it’s true that veterans of the hospitality industry are used to this, it doesn’t mean that you can just blow your top whenever you want to blow your top. You will need to handle mistakes that happen during your hotel stay with grace. Why? Well, it’s simple — if you’re good to the hotel staff, the hotel staff will be good to you. it’s tempting to be that angry customer, but in the long run, you will get a much better experience simply by being understanding and trying to look for solutions that will work for you and the rest of your travel party.

Some mistakes are pretty easy to fix. For example, you might have reserved a non smoking room, only to find that you’re actually in a smoking room. You don’t have to lose your temper just to get your room switched to something else — simply bring it to the staff’s attention. Remember that a hotel thrives not just on single visits, but a chain of visits over time. In other words, it’s important that the hotel wins the loyalty of each and every guest in order to stay profitable.

Even though they can’t win over everyone, they have to make sure that they make the attempt to do so as much as possible. It’s better to go in this direction than to try to make demands. Even though the hotel staff will most likely give you what you want, you may miss out on little perks that they might throw your way to compensate you properly for the error.

As you can see, the key to handling mistakes made during your hotel stay without losing your cool is just to press forward carefully and make sure that you aren’t going to make a scene and embarrass yourself in the process. With a little patience and understanding, you will be one step closer to the real hotel experience that you deserve!