How To Survive Traveling On A Train

Traveling on a train isn’t a new transportation method. Although most people no longer travel on trains, some still do. So for all those that are traveling on a train for the first time I dedicate this article to you. It isn’t going to be easy, but it sure will give you a experience you’ve never had.

I’ll begin by starting with what you wear. Depending on where you are going and what you will be doing is what you should pack. If your in the cold, pack a coat, plenty of sweats and extra socks. The socks will make great insulators, trust me.

Your main priority should be your comfort. When your traveling on the train you want to be comfortable. If you lose that, you might lose your sanity. Just imagine the amount of time you will have spend on the train, uncomfortable, and claustrophobic. Taking out the time to try on various outfits and clothes will seem like a smart thing to do. Especially when you realize that comfortably will make your trip that much better.

Speaking of losing your sanity you are going to need something to do. Thanks to industrial revolution we have laptops, games, and mobile gaming devices abundantly. I urge you to pick one up. Trains can get boring real fast and you’ll want to keep yourself entertained. If your tight on a budget, then perhaps buy a book. There isn’t anything better as a good book on a long trip.

That long trip is going to get even longer if your hungry so be prepared. Train food is gross. If you like grease on bread then you’ll love it! If your like the rest of civilization then you want some decent food and the only way to get it is to make it yourself. Now I can’t tell you how much to make, or really what to make. It all depends on how long you will be on the train, and if you have to switch trains or not. If you have to switch, then you should have enough time to pick something up at a fast food restaurant. If not, then you’ll have to make your own meals.

My final word of advice to you would be to have cash on hand. It is always good to have some spare cash just in case. Not everyone takes credit cards, debit cards, or checks. So cash is just useful for those oh-my-god I can’t believe they don’t take visa moments. Have a good trip!