Langkawi Island – Island of Legends

Langkawi Island is another beautiful place where you can find turquoise clear waters and white sand beaches. It is part of the Pearl of Keda archipelago and it is situated only 30 km. away from the coast of mainland Malaysia. The island was favorite stop for many traders and sailors who were in a search of silk and spices in the past. Nowadays, it is popular summer vacation destination in Asia.

Langkawi Island is a place where you can find everything you need for perfect summer vacation and relaxing time. The beach is offering a lot of attractions from collecting beautiful seashells to diving in the crystal waters. The high mountains are great opportunity for those of you who like hiking and exploring the beauty of the nature. The wonderful wildlife will give you a chance to see many interesting and amazing animals in their natural habitat. The local people and their villages are another attraction which will remain in your heart forever. Their beautiful wooden houses and friendly character will make you feel welcome everywhere you go. You can also hear many ancient legends which will quickly catch your imagination and reload you with adventurous spirit.

One of the biggest attraction which you can visit on the island is the hot springs called Air Hangat. According to a local legend, they are created by to giants who started to fight each other during  a wedding party and turned a pot of  hot sauce. The hot pools will quickly make you forget about daily stress and relax in the best possible green manner.

The beauty of the island is really astonishing and you can see many more natural phenomena. But there are also many artificial attractions which you can visit during your vacation. Langkawi Sky-bridge is one of them. It is rising about 700 meters above the sea level and the brilliant landscapes which you will see are simply unforgettable. Do not forget to take your camera with you, because this amazing bridge will give you the unique opportunity to take some of the best photos in your life. The bridge is also very interesting with its curved design. It is great example of the modern architecture and  just a quick walk will make you feel unbelievable.

The beautiful corals and the astonishing underwater life make the island really great attraction for many divers across the globe. You will be able to see many beautiful and strange fishes. It is not necessary to bring your own equipment, because you can find everything you need on the island. If you had enough of the underwater world of Langkawi Island, then you can use one of the lifts located on the island and take a journey over the beautiful island.

There are many luxury hotels and bungalows where you can reserve a room without any problem. Many bars and restaurants will give you the opportunity to try some of the best Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese meals. It is obvious that the best time to visit the island is during the summer. So, keep that in mind before you plan your next vacation.