Your First International City, at Wintertime – What to Expect

A lot of people dream about making their first international trip, only to find that they really don’t have any vacation time to s…

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Car Hire Insurance in Spain – An Absolutely Critical Component of a Great Holiday!

When you are trying to plan the perfect holiday to Spain, you definitely don’t want to wake up and find that the things you really…

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Cinematographic places to visit in London

London has been a silent character in too many movies to even start counting. So why not leave the travel guide behind for a day or two and venture out to recreate scenes from some of your favourite movies?

Possibly one of the most looked for movie locations is the travel bookshop immortalised in the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts romantic comedy ‘Notting Hill’. As the title suggests, majority of the locations can be found around the Portobello Market, with the bookshop itself on 142 Portobello Road, W11 2DZ – a location to be visited as soon as possible because it is facing potential liquidation.

The blue door to Hugh Grant’s flat is now painted black and can be found on nearby 280 Westbourne Park Road, W11 1EH. The hotel that Julia Roberts’ character is staying at is The Ritz, possibly the most famous hotel in London. The area of Kensington and Chelsea is also playing a big part in ‘Wimbledon’, where surprisingly the location used as the tournament entrance was The London Zoo! Paul Bettany’s character, while competing, stays at The Dorchester, another one of the best London hotels, while his love interest rents a flat in Kensington Gardens.

Following the movie romances (and Hugh Grant’s characters), Bridget Jones’ first kiss with Daniel Cleaver takes place after a dinner at Cantina del Ponte, 36 Shad Thames, Butler’s Wharf, SE1 2YE, but the ending kiss with Mark Darcy, the one for which Bridget famously runs in trainers and leopard print knickers, happens in The Royal Exchange, a luxurious shopping destination in the middle of City. Bridget’s movie flat is right above The Globe Tavern in Borough Market, 8 Bedale St, SE1 9AL, a great occasion to visit the market itself (Bridget picks up her birthday shopping there as well).

South Bank of Thames plays home to many characters in ‘Love Actually’. Liam Neeson has a heart-to-heart with his stepson Sam on a bench next to Gabriel’s Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, SE1 9PP and the wedding tape embarrassment that happens between Keira Knightley’s character and her friend Mark takes place at his flat nearby, in The Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, SE1 9PH. His actual gallery is played by an office on 26-27 Great Sutton Street, EC1 0DS, also a neighbourhood of Hugh Grant in ‘About A Boy’.

Love on the side, there were also quite a few cult movies with memorable scenes filmed in London. ’28 Days Later’ brings an apocalyptical vision of the city completely deserted due to an epidemic. Opening sequence with Cillian Murphy’s character walking around the empty streets and shouting ‘Hello!’ was shot with some of the ultimate landmarks in the background – The London Eye, Westminster Bridge and Houses Of Parliament, Household Cavalry Museum in Whitehall, Duke of York Column on Waterloo Place and Piccadilly Circus. Those locations are usually so busy that the scenes had to be shot in very early mornings, when the crew was allowed to shut the streets down for only a few minutes.

In a cult classic ‘Quadrophenia’ Jimmy, played by Phil Daniels, enjoys his quintessentially British pie and mash at a still thriving Cooke’s on 48 Goldhawk Road, W12 8DH. Mod’s usual hang out in the movie would be the S&M Cafe on 4-6 Essex Road, N1 8LN. However the true location gem among the classics is Michelangelo Antonioni’s ‘The Blow Up’. The park in which David Hemming’s character Thomas finds the mysterious body is The Maryon Park in Woolwich, SE7, also the scene for the final mimed tennis game. Thomas’ photo studio was played by 77 Pottery Lane, W114NA, but the interior was filmed in an actual Vogue photographer John Cowans’ studio on 49 Princes Place, W11 4QA.

This list is only the beginning of a possible journey through cinematic memories of London. Whichever route you decide to take, it will most definitely make your visit to the city unique and unforgettable. Who knows? It might even set a base for a brand new screenplay?

Cut the Cost of your Canary Islands Holiday

From Fuerteventura to Lanzarote, the Spanish Canary Islands remain among the top family holiday destinations for tourists from around the world. If you’re planning a trip to the Canaries, we have 5 simple steps to follow that are guaranteed to cut the cost. And if you’re looking for the latest prices, from holidays to Fuerteventura to accommodation in Lanzarote (check the website for the latest deals on holidays Lanzarote) , check out the Thomas Cook website for year-round deals.

Know when to book

Waiting until the last minute to book your flights will not guarantee you bargain flight prices. In fact, flight prices tend to rise as their departure date approaches. So if you’re booking your flights and accommodation separately, try to book your flights when new flights are announced, which is typically 6 months before departure. One area where waiting until the last minute can definitely pay off is package holidays. You can grab some great last minute bargains on all-inclusive packages, and most travel agents now have a dedicated last minute packages section on their websites for easier searching.

Be flexible

As well as comparing flight prices between airlines, try comparing flight prices from the same airline over the course of a week or month. Flight prices to the Canary Islands vary from day to day, and even hour to hour, so if you keep your travel dates flexible you can make savings. Most comparison sites now allow you search with flexible dates, allowing you to more easily spot the days it’s cheaper to travel.

Off-peak discounts

Holidays to the Canary Islands are obviously at their most popular over the summer months, while children are on holiday from school and temperatures are at their highest. If your travel schedule is flexible, look to book outside peak season and you’ll find savings not just on flights but on accommodation and even car rental too.

Surf the web

If you want to track down the cheapest possible holidays to Fuerteventura et al, then the internet is your new best friend. Make use of the growing number of comparison sites to compare everything from flights to hotels to package deals and car rental. Searching online is definitely the quickest ways to get to grips with the latest prices and you’ll find a wealth of travel tips and ideas on what to do when you reach your destination too.

Package savings

The internet has transformed the way we holiday, allowing us to cut out the travel agent middleman and book our own flights and accommodation for less. But it’s best not to discount the travel agents entirely, especially when it comes to package deals. Travel agents have arrangements with local Canary Island hotels so that when you book your flights with them they can offer you specially discounted rates on accommodation that you wouldn’t be able to access yourself. Package holidays, especially at the last minute, can help you make big savings, especially when you’re travelling as a family or for an extended period.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai For The Trip Of A Lifetime

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In Praise Of Ski Holidays

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Benidorm Holidays Give You a Chance to Relax – What More Could You Want?

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Vegas Hotels For Poker Players

A recent addition to the Las Vegas poker scene is the poker room at Caesars Palace. What they lacked in experience they made up for in attention to detail and devotion to the players, and Caesars is now a great place to stay for poker players who want quick and easy access to a fantastic poker room.

Caesars Palace Poker Room for Poker Players

Caesars Palace main poker room is a spacious 8,500 square foot room which is tastefully decorated and features plenty of tables. They also offer slots and video poker machines, and pretty much everything that they want to play. The main game spread is no limit hold’em, as it is in so many places, but there are limit games spread as well, and Omaha and seven card stud if there is interest. A terrific feature of the Caesars Palace poker room is a separate, adjacent room dedicated purely to tournaments. This is a 6000 square foot room which means the Caesars staff has no trouble accommodating as many poker players as want to participate in their tournaments. Caesars in fact has been host to many high profile events, including the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship and a WSOP Circuit Event.

Caesars Palace Advantage for Poker Players

Caesars Palace is a Harrah’s-owned casino, as is the Rio, home of the World Series of Poker, so you can earn great rewards as a poker player just by staying and playing at Caesars Palace. These rewards can get you great deals on rooms and other perks that can enhance your poker adventure in Las Vegas, whether you plan to stay at Caesars on your next stay in Las Vegas or plan on trying the Rio or one of the other great Harrah’s hotels.

More Benefits of the Caesars Palace Poker Room

Another great feature for poker players of Caesars Palace is the poker room’s location. The poker room, its small, glowing red sign easily missed your first time out, is nestled right in between the sports book and the night club. When you’re done with your poker action, just hop to the next floor where you can play slots games, you’re just steps away from your next adventure.

Cruise With Imagine Cruising – You’ll Just Love It!

Cruising is something that can be a great experience, or it can be an unpleasant one. But since we’re all about highlighting the p…

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