Places to visit in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities in Finland. If you got a chance to visit it, then check out below the best attractions and monuments which you can see there.

The oldest part of Helsinki is the Senate Square, which is among the most beautiful squares in the world. It is a masterpiece of the German architect Carl Ludwig Engel who lived in Finland during the 18th century. In the center of the square you can see a monument of Alexander II, the Russian Emperor, who during his life did a lot for the preservation and promotion of the Finnish culture and traditions.

The center of the city is divided into rectangles of blocks and each neighborhood has its own name. Interesting fact is that the central neighbourhoods of the city were named after exotic animals during 1812 and even today you can see many interesting metal signs attached to the corners of the buildings. So, do not be surprised if you see a picture of rhinos, camels and other exotic animals together with colorful characters in this north city of the world.

Without any doubt, the most lively place in Helsinki is the Market Square. This is the place where you can catch the famous ferry called “Power” and visit the beautiful nature surrounding the city. There you can also see many street artists and musicians, who will greatly show you to best of the Finnish culture and traditions.

Other popular monuments and landmarks which you can see are the Palace of Finland, the Palace of the Opera and the Olympic stadium. Their architecture is really amazing and beautiful, so make sure to bring your camera with you, otherwise, you will miss some of the best shots in your life. Another building which you can visit is the Assumption Cathedral which is the biggest Orthodox church in the Western world. It is built in 1850 by the Russian architect Gornostaev in honor of Virgin Mary. The typical orthodox architecture will make you feel like you are in the heart of Moscow for sure.

The cultural life of Helsinki is really huge and modern. There are many art galleries, incredible concert halls and more than 70 museums where you can see interesting artifacts coming form the whole world. The eight theaters and the National Opera and Ballet will give you the opportunity to see some of the best and newest shows and performances.

Near the city, located on the island, you can visit the famous fortress called Sveaborg. This huge and beautiful stone castle was built in 1774 with the only purpose to protect the city from the sea invasion. It is really impressive view and it is listed in the UNESCO world cultural treasures. Nowadays, you can visit there many exhibitions, cafes and restaurants, where you can try some of the best Finnish meals and drinks.