Expensive Hotel

Probably the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

It is a bit of a guess when it comes to working out what the most expensive hotel is in the world. Often it is the penthouse suite which is the dearest and this usually consists of a sitting room, dining room, kitchen plus several en-suite bedrooms and a dressing room. Even in a modest hotel you would expect the best bed, an en-suite bathroom and a writing desk and you would also expect to pay significantly more. However, at the top end of the scale the rooms often then have saunas or jacuzzis and all of the latest technology – TV, DVD player, computer, phone etc. The best ones have a inclusive butler service and use of a car and they often have balconies as well as fantastic views.

It could be hard to guess exactly how much this is worth but if you compare it to the cost of any hotel you have stayed it then you are likely to be quite astounded. It has been reported in the Daily Telegraph that the most expensive hotel room is the Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens. The room includes all of the expected features as well as a heated pool, steam room, private beach, piano with pianist and chef. It is a massive 12,798 square foot. The cost per night is in excess of £30,000. The cost of a weeks stay could buy you an average priced house in the UK.

Some people may just be disgusted at that sort of extravagance but it would be amazing, if only for a day to be in that sort of luxury with people to wait on you and cook for you and take you anywhere you wanted. You would be treated really well and be surrounded by the most luxurious things. It would certainly make a holiday to remember – or at least you would hope so at that price!