The Barbary Coast Hotel Is a Great Place to Stay in Las Vegas

The Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is a great place to stay! Forget what you know about casinos – this playful resort aims to please without breaking the bank. Barbary Coast strives to bring back the classic Las Vegas of old, focusing on a smaller scope than other resorts. This comfortable yet no-frills approach to their resort attracts more travelers from all walks of life.

Barbary Coast – Hotel

The Barbary Coast is comfortable, without being gaudy, and still fits into the old-world theme the resort is going for. For the price, the rooms at the Barbary Coast are very good: features include canopied beds, Victorian furniture, TV sets (some rooms even have plasma screens – wow!), and great views of the Vegas Strip as a whole. The bathroom includes a wide array of travel-size bottles for your enjoyment, along with a window over the tub for another view of the world.

Service quality is great at the Barbary Coast, but not for those that want round-the-clock pampering. Go out and enjoy the Barbary Coast’s casino and nightlife instead!

Barbary Coast – Casino

The Barbary Coast offers low table limits to attract the whole gamut when it comes to gamblers. Lots of young people are attracted to the mystical $5 tables at the Barbary Coast, one of the last places left on the Strip where you can find gambling so cheap! For those looking for refreshments while you play, there are fantastic cocktails served, along with a well-priced coffee shop (read: cheap but tasty) and great but expensive restaurants near the Barbary Coast, such as Drai’s and Michael’s.

Rates for the Barbary Coast resort vary, but they are generally $150 and up on the weekend and around $75 – $100 on the weekdays. Discount pricing for the Barbary Coast can always be found, so do your homework!