Train Times

Taking the train to your holiday destination in the UK or Europe is a fantastic idea because it’s cheaper than flying, you can get almost anywhere and it’s quick and easy. Before you go anywhere however, it’s important to look at train times to ensure your journey is as straightforward as possible. A bit of careful planning goes a long way!

Inter-railing around Europe has always been a fantastic idea because you can visit all the great cities like Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Prague and Amsterdam with total ease. It’s a case of buying a ticket and then just going. If ever there was a feeling of total independence and excitement, you’ll certainly notice it on the trains. It doesn’t matter if you’re aim is to experience as much culture as possible, or try the many famous beers European countries have to offer, taking the train is the complete package deal!

With all the congestion on the roads in the UK, even a journey of 3 hours can feel like a week, especially in peak seasons. Taking the train allows you to avoid it all while sitting back and relaxing. As you whiz past the summer traffic jams, you’ll quickly realise you made the right decision. Whether you’re going to London for a weekend, up to the Lake District for a fortnight or to the Highlands of Scotland for a few days, the rail networks mean you can get there and back with total ease.

The best place to check train times and book cheap train tickets is the internet, and luckily for you Low Cost Travel is one of the best places to do it. From short domestic trips to international journeys, making sure you have all the necessary information and tickets before you depart is essential. There’s nothing worse than getting to the station late, or finding the train is fully booked and you’ve got to stand up for 2 hours. Using the net is straightforward- simply put in your details and press go!

The bottom line is that taking the train is a great way to get to your destination quickly, easily and above all cheaply. So check the train times and get ready to have some fun when the train leaves the station!